Friday, March 26, 2010

10 Things...

A friend of mine, Beth, just made a post about 10 interesting things you may not know about her. I thought it was a good idea, and decided to do the same...

1. I do not drink sweet tea. At. All. Yes, I know I'm from the south, but I don't like it. Neither does my brother...we figure it's because we never drank it as a child, so we never developed the taste for it. So, it tickles me when people will say, "Oh, (insert name of restaurant) has the BEST sweet tea." I can't imagine any being any better than another.

2. Dislike tomatoes...almost as much as sweet tea. What's strange about this is I LOVE salsa, Mexican food, Italian food, etc...I think it's a texture issue.

3. No, my mom didn't go to Mercer and my dad didn't go to Duke. If I had a dollar for every time someone asked that, or even a dollar for each time someone thought they were the first person to point that out to me, I'd be Bill Gates rich. Seriously. My first name, Mercer, is my dad's middle name, and was his dad's middle name. I like it.

4. I am way more addicted to my blackberry that I want to be. My husband keeps telling me to get a new phone, but I just figured this one out, and I like it. A lot.

5. I collect cookbooks. I'll get on a kick where I'll cook from the same one for a few weeks, and will then shelf it, and grab another. I read them from cover to cover over and over again. Pretty sure this is something I picked up from my mom.

6. I'm pretty emotional. If I don't cry at a movie, then I probably didn't like it...that's how I rate movies...

7. The DVR and I are pretty good friends...I almost wish it wasn't invented, then I wouldn't be so hooked.

8. I am obsessed with celebrity gossip. When I get online in the morning, I immediately check out and

9. I knew within a month of dating Mike I would marry him...I didn't think it would take 7 years to do so, but I stuck it out. It was worth it. :) Even though his mom tells me I let him drag it out too long.

10. And you probably know this...I am becoming the crazy dog person I didn't want to be. Tucker is the center of mine and Mike's world, and we wouldn't have it any other way.


mlo said...

Love it Mercer!! I didnt know you had a blackberry - I totally need your pin #. I love blackberry instant messaging. SOOOO much better than silly ole' texting. And I knew you had it in you to be the dog person you didn't want to be. I've seen you with Howie Loreman!! Just for the record, Mike & Ed's has some bangin' sweet tea!

Beth said...

I like you, even if you are becoming a crazy dog lady. Just don't let me catch you shuffling down the driveway to check the mail in your house coat and a cig hanging out of your mouth and talking nonsense about your dog. That's how I picture a really nutty "dog lady". :)