Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'M BACK!!!!!!!!

Well....I'm back and I have a lot to say...but will blog more about it later. I will say this, after all these was awesome. My ears are ringing, my throat is sore, I can hardly talk, my legs hurt, I have blisters on my feet, and I messed up one of my shoes dancing...BUT, it was so worth it. I'll be loving the NKOTB friend, Kelly Sasser, who went with me, has to be at school to teach tomorrow at 6:45 AM---nice!

In other news...we got back around 2 AM, and saw one of the old mills in Columbus burning...strange, guess we'll know more about that tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

West Jones Ave. (Mike's side of the story)

I wanted to tell my side of the West Jones story and why it brought a smile to my face to see it still standing. Let me start by saying that my times at GSU were some of the best times of my life. As a poor college student, I had a limited budget to live on. So me and 7 of my friends decided to move in together in a small 3 bedroom house. Needless to say the rent on that house was not very much so each of us paid a whopping $33 dollars a month in rent, which was great for us because it left us with enough money for any extra curricular activities and glaucoma prevention. :) I have plenty of good memories from that place from the midnight pruning to the dead robin red breast in the middle of the living room floor. Good times.....good times. Going back to West Jones Ave. when we went to Savannah was like going back to your childhood remember your friends and the times you had in the house and so of course it brought a smile to my face.

I want to dedicate this blog entry to by dead homey--Scratches the Gangsta cat.

New Kids on the Block had a bunch of hits...

I've been waiting for October 29, 2008 for about 4 months now...tonight is the New Kids on the Block Concert in Atlanta. Remember the Disney commercial where the family is going to bed and the little boy says, "I'm too excited to sleep!" Well, that was me last night...I am giddy as a school girl and I can't wait.

I was lucky enough to be in NYC when they performed their first concert in 18 was not the "real" reason I was in NYC at the time, but it was certainly a bonus. Aflac had their financial analyst briefing that week, so Mike went to work, and I went to play. Luckily, that Friday he was off, so we ventured out at 5 AM, in the freezing rain, to go see the boys. Well, when we got there, we learned people had been lining up since 9AM on Wednesday about some diehard fans. Let me just say, the boys still had it!

I can only hope for the same tonight...of course, I will blog about this event tomorrow...until then, Hang Tough! :)
Disclaimer: Mike wants you to know he is not going with me.

Happy Halloween!

This weekend we visited Marengo Creek Farms with Mike's family. We had heard so much about it, and wanted to go; however knew that we would need to take kids in order to get the "full-effect." We enjoyed looking at chickens, feeding goats and sheep, petting the mini-horses, stomping in the corn, and going on the hayride.

Gracie & Sophie playing in the corn

Here's our pumpkin...Mike named her Pumkinita.

Mike thinks by adding "ita" to the end of any name makes a great name.

So, with that being said...Have a safe and Happy Halloween! Love, Mercerita and Michaelita

Sunday, October 26, 2008

West Jones Ave.

I was going through some old pictures tonight and found one of Mike's beloved old house...he likes to refer to it as West Jones...

Last December, we went to Savannah for the weekend and along the way stopped in Stateboro to visit Mike's old stomping ground. Well, this trip would not have been complete without a visit to "West Jones." I had heard so much about this house and my expectations were extremely high. When I realized we were about to be "in the hood," I started thinking this might not be a great idea...well, when we turned onto West Jones, Mike just started laughing, and I immediately locked the doors. He slowed down in front of this "house" (I certainly wouldn't call it a home), and I unlocked my door so I could get out and look around. He quickly tells me to be careful and not walk too far. This place, or should I say neighborhood was entirely shady. I couldn't not check the place out, but Mike would only let me walk near the mailbox. Mike is pretty sure the furniture that is on the porch was some of the same furniture he had in the, keep in mind, it has been at least 10 year since Mike lived on West Jones Ave. I'll quit rambling, as the picture speaks for itself...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Weekend Update...

This weekend we went to the 50th Anniversary of Pacelli High School. Let's just say, we were some of the youngest people there. In fact, one of Mike's exes, is married to someone that is Mercer's mom's age. Nice, considering Mike is 35 and Mercer's mom is 57. We also visited with Mike's 5th grade teacher who loves Mike...Mike said he gave her hell, if so, she didn't act like it as she was so glad to see him!

Mike for some reason is speaking Japalish (Japanese and English)...why he is doing this, I have no clue...

We are kind of giddy right now as it is a "big TV week." We love Dirty Sexy Money...if you don't watch it-it's not too late to start. Meanwhile, I have spent the majority of the day watching QVC---cooking products and gadgets all day...Mike is so glad I don't have his credit card information...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fashion Week In Columbus

Who knew a sweater vest could provide so much entertainment!?!?!

Special thanks to Tabitha Coursey who came all the way from Hamilton to shoot these photos!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Laura & Torrey's Engagement Party

This weekend we went to the engagement party for our friends Laura & Torrey...

(torrey & laura)

While I had to "behave" and be in bed by 11PM (I had to be up at 5:15 the next morning), Mike was getting in about that time. From the looks of the pictures, he had a great time at the after party. We also learned a lesson this weekend---sweater vests never go out of style!

(if you go to torrey's-you're going to play beer pong)

(glen, torrey, and mike---with their old friends bartles & james)