Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happy Belated Cinco de Mayo from the Bunco Babes!

This month's bunco had a Cinco de Mayo theme and was hosted by the lovely Vonda!

I am pretty sure that Coop and Amy G. thought they were the only ones in the picture, but we see who squeezed in at the last minute!

We also learned the Hoedown Throwdown, thanks to Coop! (I wish I had pictures of us learning this dance!) Now, I just need to perfect my moves for the wedding!


Beth said...

Who's the cute girl squeezed in between the sombreros? ;)

And why didn't I take pictures of everyone getting their dance lessons? Oh yeah, because I was too busy peeing my pants laughing at Heather's spastic moves. I know she's pregnant, but there was no excuse for those wild arms and uncoordinated moves.

Those would have made some funny pictures!!

Peyton Paul said...

I taught Coop how to do that dance(: