Monday, May 18, 2009

Chris' Graduation

This past Friday, my mom and I drove to St. Pete, FL for my cousin, Chris' graduation.

The weather was gorgeous Saturday and Sunday, but today it poured, and it's supposed to continue this trend for the rest of our stay. Ugh! Today we took a family trip to IKEA...if you've ever been to an IKEA store, you will not be shocked when I tell you we were there for 4 hours!

Meanwhile, back to graduation...

(me, Uncle Richard, Chris, Aunt Linda, & my mom)

As you probably are too, I was quite mesmerized by this one guy's regalia of goods he wore around his neck, so I conned my cousin into taking a picture with him so I could get in the picture, too. He's going to the University of Florida on an athletic scholarship to play football, so maybe one day he'll be wearing hundreds around his neck instead of singles.

Congratulations, Chris!


Jennifer said...

that is awesome...i would have had to take a pic with him too!!!