Thursday, December 4, 2008

Venting Session

I just want to blog for a bit to relieve some stress...

1. First of all, I do not like Denny the Ghost on Grey's Anatomy.

2. I am not happy that ABC is not going to renew Dirty Sexy Money.

3. (This is what sent me over the edge). I went to Wal-Mart tonight, and while putting my items on the belt, I noticed the girl (I refuse to call her a lady), was strategically separating her purchases...then, I notice why. She is paying for her food purchases with food stamps. (I am okay with this...) BUT, she then proceeds to spend $70 in CASH on beer, cigarettes, and lighters. Meanwhile, her child is wriggling around the buggy (her child is wearing NO shoes-and it's winter), and the mom refuses to realize her child was getting stuck in the buggy. The woman finally turns around, flashes her nose ring, and puts her purse in the buggy. I was boiling at this point...thank God, that I had a large purchase, because I would've hated to see her load up her car (probably an Escalade) with all her goods. UGH!!!

Okay, I will go back to the corner now....


Missy said...

I totally agree with you!! Denny coming back as a ghost is dumb!! Her and him having sex is even dumber!!! I hate that my favorite show is doing this. Come on people!!
Also I see that kind of Wal-mart junk all the time up here. It makes me so mad!!! Normally the kids are dressed so poorly and the parents are dressed to a "T." Urgh....that woman should have taken that $70 and gotten her child some shoes!!! People make me so mad and I think you should have to have a license to become a parent!!
WOW!! I feel better. Thanks Mercer for the stress relief ;)