Tuesday, February 16, 2010

This past weekend...

Happy Belated Valentine's Day!

Before you read about the Valentine's events, let's quickly talk about the snow we had on Friday....it was beautiful, and you betcha---we let Tucker play in it! He of course, thought it was something you could pick up (like a leaf) with your mouth, run with it, and eat it!
It didn't bother him one bit!
Before the snow, Tucker and I "slaved" over a hot stove making Mike some muffins...we wanted to surprise him at work...you'll learn more about the muffin symbolism in a bit...
We kept it low-key this Valentine's Day...we went to Mike's sister's house for a family cookout and then came home to see our little boy. When we first got Tucker, I started calling him, "my little muffin." Why you might say? Well, I guess because I knew he was from English descent, and of course, there are English mufins...so he quickly became my little English muffin. So, now we call him Muffin...he answers to it just as he answers to his name.

Ever since I got my February issue of Everyday with Rachael Ray, I decided I wanted to make Tucker the Pooch Pupcakes for Valentine's...they're pet-friendly, and people-friendly too.
Both of my boys like them...they each got a clean-plate award!

I am pretty sure he is looking for more pupcakes...

My two boys...I love you both!


Beth said...

I would like to live the life of Tucker for a while. Just one week, that's all I'm asking. And yes, I want pooch pancakes. Thanks.